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Competitive Paddling Results

Head Coach: John Radel

Team Co-Captain: Kelly Hood

Team Co-Captain: Andrea Pietras

2019 Dragon Boat Race Results

Trinidad & Tobago

March 22-24

North Beach

Pigeon Point


10 person races

•Premier Mixed 200m - 1:09.69 

3rd place Consolation

•Premier Mixed 500m - 2:42.93

4th place

•Premier Mixed 1000m - 8:59.66
11th place

•Premier Mixed 2000m - 13:00.80
9th place

•Senior B Mixed 200m - 1:05.60
5th place

•Senior B Mixed 500m - 2:52.06
5th place

•Senior B Mixed 1000m - 6:23.55
5th place

•Senior B Mixed 2000m - 13:00.06
5th place

Charlotte Dragon Boat Festival

May 18, 2019

Lake Norman
Cornelius, NC


10 person races
A Division 200m – 00:50.73, which was the fastest time of the day for all teams


Gulf Coast Mini Dragon Boat Series

July 13, 2019

Eaton's Beach 
Weirsdale, FL

10 person races Premier mixed A Division 380m –1:46.92380m


Orlando Dragon Boat Festival


October 19, 2019 
Bill Frederick Park
Orlando, FL


20 person races
Mixed A Division 500m - 2:22.48

3rd place consolation

Beaufort Dragon Boat Festival

June 22, 2019
Beaufort Waterfront
Beaufort, SC

20 person races
A Division 250m – 1:09.14


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