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What is dragon boating?

An ancient sport that dates back 2000 years with origins in southern China and ancient Greece, modern-day dragon boat racing got it's start as an international sport in Hong Kong in 1976.  The boats, typically either a 10- or 20-man canoe, seat paddlers side by side, with a drummer and a steersperson. 


The sport is governed on the international level by the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF).  This is a competitive sport, with many teams training year-round, with a goal of winning a berth at events around the world.

Our Team:  Charleston Firebreathers

The Firebreathers came together with 1 goal: to win races!   


Formed by a group of local enthusiasts, our team travels regionally to complete across the Southeast, as well as in the Pan Am Club Crew Championship races in Puerto Rico and Tobago.  Some of our local paddlers also have won spots on Team USA over the years, competing around the world.

Now, our goal is still to compete at a high level, but also to introduce this sport to people throughout the Lowcountry.

Join us on the water!

We hold Join The Club! events during the warmer weather, when you can come out and try both dragon boat & outrigger canoe.  Look for these events on MeetUp.  Otherwise, check out our upcoming events on MeetUp.  Some will indicate they are open to new paddlers.  You can also contact us and we'll find a good time for you to join.  Be sure to let us know you're coming by signing up on MeetUp.

When you come out, we'll provide basic instruction on boat safety and paddling technique, as well as a paddle and PFD.  

If you are new to dragon boating, even if you are an avid rower or paddler for a different water sport, you may want to review some helpful information before heading to the dock.

If you are an experienced competitive paddler new to Charleston or just new to our club, contact us at about joining our regular team practices during the week.

Learn more!

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