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What to expect ....

Race fee: The dollar amount paid by paddlers varies. You can view payment methods on the Pay Dues page or get a check to the Treasurer.

Hotel: Co-captains will reserve blocks of rooms. Paddlers select roommates and  make/pay for their own reservations.  Expect a 1 - 2 night stay (except Beaufort).

Getting there: Carpool and/or caravan

Food: We have a water and food table during the race. Co-captains help coordinate who brings what. Meals are on your own, but we try to meet somewhere together after the race. 

Race Day Details: A Co-captain or Coach will provide detailed information regarding where and when to arrive for race day events. 

What to bring to the race....

  • Team jersey and other team SWAG

  • PFD & paddle - unless you want to use those  provided by race organizers

  • Water shoes or tennis shoes - often required

  • Chair or towel to sit on between races

  • Sun protection... we will have a tent, but it's often hot under there

  • Book, crossword, etc.... long waits between races

Competitive Paddling Events

Head Coach: John Radel

Team Co-Captain: Bill Lempisis

Team Co-Captain: Andrea Pietras

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