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CPC Senior Women’s Team

On Sunday at the CPC Annual meeting, Jackie explained a new option for members to self select and attend races under the CPC umbrella and rules.  Several of us in attendance were interested in developing a Senior Women’s Team for the 2020 season with the goal of becoming very competitive over time. See more info below on what we need to do to get organized.

We have an eye on the Mt. Dora race on June 6. However there are several other possibilities, including one in March.  If you are interested in joining or learning more about developing a competitive CPC senior women’s team, please send me ( your email address and we will send you a link to a survey. I’m sure there will some sort of planning meeting soon.

Feel free to forward this to eligible senior woman (current CPC member or not) who might be interested.

PLANNING STAGE Based on a brief discussion that followed the annual meeting and realizing this will be a work-in-progress .... below is a summary of some basic concepts about what we need to do to get started.

Steps necessary for creating a team and signing up for a race:

- Get interested women 40 and older to commit to long term goal of becoming eligible for high level competition. At this point, the number of interested and committed participants needs to be at least 12, but the more the merrier for the long haul.

Senior Divisions differ by races and organizations. Senior A division is >39, Senior B is > 49 for some.

Pam Am Sprint races: 55+ Gulf Coast Series: 50+

-Determine what 10-man races to attend in the 2020 season so we can begin to workout together and work out a longer term strategy.

- Once we have a dedicated boat full (on paper) and have chosen our first race, we notify Billy or Andrea and WE begin the process of gathering funds, completing registration paperwork, organizing ourselves  (see below) .The CPC captains will help us with the interface with the race organizers for registration.

We also have to figure out our team-specific:

1)Leadership (including coach, captain, steersperson), 

2)Rules of engagement’ (including expectation for involvement and commitment, drama mitigation, etc.).

3)Practice schedule- We work with CPC captains to set up times that don’t conflict or overcommit resources that other teams may be vying for.

4)Travel arrangements.

5)Funding / Fundraising

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